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We exist to help children communicate.

Want to join us on this mission?

Fluent AAC is the world's leading mobile application that helps children with autism communicate.

We are proud to have built a product that our customers love, and we’re looking for creative people who have enthusiasm and belief in our mission, vision, and values to join our team.

It's all about the people.

Our team of f*king A players

The team behind Fluent AAC are spread around the globe, working remote from over 5 different cities. We only hire, work with, and develop A-players.


When you join the Fluent AAC team, you'll know that we'll invest in you as much as possible to help you grow and develop as a human and professional.

Being a fully remote team we’re a highly motivated bunch of people, and many of us are creators ourselves running various side projects in our spare time.

Result focused video game clan style management.

In the world of online gaming, players consistently build tightly knit communities and cultures despite living all over the world, sometimes never even meeting face to face.

Fluent AAC is not a video game, however we believe that we can create the same teamwork and bonds that online gamers have without focusing on locations or business politics. We instead focus on creating a motivated tribe that wants to win as a team.

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Work where

you work best

We focus on hiring A players. If you are an A player you do not need to be closely “supervised” or be forced into a physical location to be a team player. Because of this, it should not matter where you work.

At Fluent AAC we want you to work where you are most comfortable and can deliver the most results. We have an office, but working here is optional and we love to hire remote employees as long as they deliver the high-level results we expect.

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Flow fridays

We don’t want color in the lines work drones at Fluent AAC. We want creative A players who are passionate about contributing and moving the team forward.

Because of this, on Friday’s we encourage all of our team members to stop working on scheduled work and instead work on their own creative projects that add to Fluent AAC. In short, we want you to create whatever cool s#@t your heart desires. Then team members share what they have created every Monday.

If you think we need a cooler UI, work on the UI. If you want to add a dancing leprechaun that congratulates users for doing specific tasks, do it! If you are part of the team this is YOUR company, and you are allowed to improve it how you see best.

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Set your own hours, deliver awesome results

Like we have stated, "A players" do not need to be tightly managed but instead given the environment to do their best work. Because of this, we want you to work in a way to allows you to deliver the best results.

At Fluent AAC we have stupidly high result based expectations from our team members. We however, do not care how you deliver those results. If you work best at 2am work at 2am. If you can deliver a days worth of results from 4 hours of work, then work four hours. We don’t care how many hours you work or when you work, we only care that you deliver.

If you can deliver amazing work that moves the team forward you will be free to do that how and when you want.

We focus on excessive freedom for our employees and gauge you not by the hours you work or how you work but by results you bring.

Junior Marketing

The right candidate will be a creative, strategic thinker.

You will imagine, plan, implement, and optimize marketing campaigns. You will help us drive retention, brand loyalty, and advocacy for Fluent AAC and its individual offerings. 

No experience needed. We will invest and help you grow. Timisoara, Romania.


Lucian Melut

Founder & Managing Partner

aac devices.jpeg

Gerald Terry

Software Engineer

fluent aac.jpeg

Cosmin Marinescu

Senior Project Manager


Sophie Bergman

Design Lead


Patricia Baia

Director of marketing


Kacy Barron

Consultant, Speech-Language Pathologist

image (5).jpeg

Sylvia Coleman

Customer Service Lead

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