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How you can help your child

89% of subjects involved with AAC showed an increase in speech production

What is AAC?

AAC = Augmentative and Alternative Communication 
Basically, AAC are the tools, systems and strategies that help a person communicate when they are not able to communicate using speech. 

Who is AAC for?

  • Maybe your child has Autism, Down Syndrome, ALS, apraxia, stroke, or other conditions that affect his ability to use natural speech. ​​
  • Maybe your child has not started talking​
  • Maybe he has lost his ability to speak​
  • Maybe his speech comes and goes​
  • Maybe speaking is harder than other ways to communicate
In all this cases, AAC can help!

How does FLUENT AAC work?

 Just tap the picture of the desired item/action/question/etc.
So simple, but so powerful.
You can say anything! From basic needs to a whole phrase.
Let's say, as an example, that the user wants to sleep. 
This is how he can say it:
Step 1. Tap the "I need" button
Step 2. Tap the "to sleep" button
...and the iPad will say the message: "I need to sleep"

What can you say using FLUENT AAC?

Anything. Using our vocabulary, you can say anything you could imagine.