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Fluent AAC.

Facuta pentru persoanele cu Autism,

Sindrom Down sau orice alta afectiune ce impiedica vorbirea.

Poti spune orice.

De prima data cand deschizi aplicatia, cateva clickuri sunt tot ce este nevoie pentru a incepe sa comunici.

Ce este Fluent?

Este o aplicatie pentru iPad, ce te ajuta sa comunici.

Ajutam copiii, adolescentii si adultii cu nevoi speciale sa comunice.

Ce poti face cu aplicatia Fluent?

Pune intrebari

Exprima sentimente

Spune nevoi

Si multe altele.

Cum functioneaza aplicatia?

​​ Apasa imaginea corespunzatoare actiunii/intrebarii/lucrului dorit.
Atat de simplu, dar atat de eficient.
Poti spune orice! De la nevoi de baza, la propozitii complexe.
De exemplu, sa presupunem ca utilizatorul doreste sa doarma.
In felul acesta poate sa o spuna:
Pasul 1. Apasa butonul "vreau"
Pasul 2. Apasa butonul "sa dorm"
... iar iPadul va rosti mesajul: "vreau sa dorm"

Tehnologia AAC te ajuta sa vorbesti.

AAC is dedicated to treating children with autism and other developmental disabilities through its pioneering LAMP (Language Acquisition through Motor Planning) method.


Children who used an AAC app improved their social communication by 100%.


It has been observed that AAC training therapy increases children's potential and improves their behavior.


Using an AAC app is one of the easiest and fastest ways to communicate

Fluent AAC este pentru orice nivel.

De la incepator
Nu conteaza nivelul de comunicare actual.
Vocabularul nostru se adapteaza pentru orice utilizator, fie incepator sau avansat in comunicare.
la avansat.

Tutoriale, pas cu pas.

Cand instalezi aplicatia, nu trebuie as stii nimic. 
Vei primi indrumari si lectii direct de la liderii industriei.
Va vom explica tot ceea ce trebuie sa stiti.
Kate is the daughter of one of the families FLUENT AAC helped. They agreed to share the amazing results she got after she started using our app. Share with us your child results at our "Contact" page.

Kate before using our app

Kate was nonverbal and could not communicate with her parents
It was very hard for her to express herself
She had stereotyped body movements such as rocking, pacing, and hand flapping 

Kate after using our app

She started communicating her needs
Kate developed a special relationship with her mother, and can now express feelings to her
Her stereotyped body movements  frequency decreased substantially
She is now capable to request playing a specific game 
Kate learned how to ask for favorite food and drink
(Kate, results after one month)

I work in a self-contained classroom with students with autism and behaviors. Many of these kids are nonverbal or have minimal spontaneous language. I really love Fluent AAC & use it frequently with my kiddos. Thanks so much for creating this product!!  :)

Susan Neal, SLP