How to stimulate the AAC user to start communicating?

  • You may begin with words that describe the AAC user's favorite things and activities. (eg. chocolate)

  • For example, if the AAC user loves chocolate, then "chocolate" might be a good word to program into the app.

  • You need to motivate your AAC user to use the device. How will you do it? By leveraging the fact that your child wants chocolate. 

  • Give him/her the chocolate just if he/she asks for it using the device.


Ways to include AAC users in conversation

  • Pause, wait, and allow time for the AAC user to form a sentence. 

  • An AAC user can't provide the typical nonverbal cues while using their device. 

  • Ask the AAC user to show you photos of what they are talking about. While you explore the pictures, the AAC user can form their message.

  • It is often more efficient for them to use visual supports to set topics, such as photos or line drawings.

  • Ask others in the conversation to wait while the AAC user is trying to deliver their message.

Fluent AAC

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