Hi, I'm Lucian.

I'm the founder of Fluent AAC.

Since I was little, I saw my mother working with children with special needs. I was always curious about her work and how she helped children communicate. 


She told me that she feels happiest among kids and that being a therapist is her dream job.


She introduced me to the AAC world. But here’s the catch.


We don't have AAC apps available here, in Romania. We are limited to printing communication boards made by us, in the Romanian language. I discovered that if you don't speak English or Spanish - it will be very difficult for you to use high-tech AAC.


This made me think about how it would be if I created an app that would keep everyone in the conversation, all around the world.


I finally decided to merge my passions of technology and communication. This is how the Fluent AAC app was born. 

Together with my team, I have built an app with powerful features to give people with special needs greater control over their lives. 
Because the true value of a device isn’t measured by how powerful it is, but by how much it empowers you.

From my research, I already knew the problems of most AAC apps: they are not easy to use and it takes a massive amount of time to get used to a new app, even if you are an experienced clinician.
So, I made up my mind to make this app different from the others. I knew these problems could be solved. 


The best part?


The feedback from our first users shows that we did it. The interface is easy to use and clinicians are happy with a setup process that takes three minutes or less.

I think Fluent AAC’s uniqueness consists of its beautiful design. The symbols were created so that the user becomes friendly with the app and likes to keep in touch with it. 

We believe that we are on the face of the earth to ensure that communication is never a barrier for anyone. If you want to communicate, autism should not stop you from doing what you love, even if you are not a native-English speaker and have limited educational resources.

With Love,

-Lucian Melut

Fluent AAC

Fluent AAC is the voice of over 10 000 people with speech difficulties!





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