Fluent AAC

Say anything

using this AAC app.

It’s a magical piece of software.
It’s so fast most AAC devices can’t catch up.
It has stunning symbols that mirror the real world.
It becomes your daily voice.

And you fall in love with it.
It’s Fluent AAC.

Try to find better-designed symbols.

We'll wait.

From the first time you open the app, a few taps are all it takes to start talking to the world.

Communicate faster than ever.

Make it yourself.

Change the way the app looks.

Dark mode.

Go all in on lights out.

Dark Mode introduces a dramatic new look for Fluent AAC. It’s thoughtfully designed to make every element on the screen easier on your eyes and is seamlessly integrated throughout the app. And it’s simple to turn on from settings or set to automatically turn on at night.

Our support team is here

Our support team is here

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