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We exist to help people communicate.

We are Fluent AAC

Fluent AAC is a company that creates some of the world's most advanced AAC technology. We combine clinical expertise and technological innovation to redefine communication.

Our evidence-based approach and commitment to continuously challenging possibilities to ensure our AAC solutions prioritize our users' well-being and long-term language development. We make communication possible through science, technology, and a clear focus on people.

Committed to Every Customer

We strive to get the best outcome for every user through our apps.

Our holistic approach to product design centers around the whole person and not just their communication limitation. This ensures we develop solutions that help people get the most out of every day and do so in a way that cares for their long-term language development and well-being.


We are committed to delivering value, quality, and outstanding customer experience to every customer.

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Leaders in Innovation

We are proud to have created the very first commercially available AAC app with the option to switch genders in symbols. We are also pleased to announce that we offer black characters in symbols. 

We continue to pursue innovation, challenging possibilities and perceptions to create solutions that change lives.



We develop apps through extensive collaboration between our research and development team, clinical experts, patient insight groups, and customers to find solutions that deliver results.

We collaborate with universities and independent researchers to prove the medical benefits of our technology.


We Make Communication Possible

We design communication solutions that respond to an individual's needs, creating an opportunity for them to reach their full potential.

Communication means many different things to people, but we endeavor to make communication possible, whether it is expressing feelings or asking questions. 


Speech-Language Pathologists

Speech-language pathologists deserve to work with powerful tools that help achieve better results for their patients. Our apps result from numerous research and are developed in collaboration with speech-language pathologists.

Professionals are using our apps to provide effective therapy in clinics, hospitals, and schools worldwide.

When you walk into a session, you'll feel confident that you have the tool you need to deliver evidence-based and effective speech therapy. It means you're free to be the fantastic clinician you are, helping your patients reach their communication goals. 


Our unfair advantage

Our unfair advantage is that we care more.

From the way we serve customers who need help to the way, we create educational content to the features we build.

We are committed to offering you a genuine experience by providing our clients with efficient communication standards. Our team is here to help you and answer all your questions.

You can compare our features to features of other AAC apps: our support hours and our ratings. But that's not why you should choose Fluent AAC. It would be best if you decided on Fluent AAC because we will care more than anyone else about your concerns and wishes. The success of our users illustrates our success.

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