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printable communication boards

Communication Boards

Fluent AAC offers printable communication boards for free. You are free to download, use, and share on social media.

Communication boards are an excellent low-tech AAC tool. They are simple to use and can be an introduction to AAC.

Excellent low-tech AAC tool

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Traditional Board​ - Large 

Traditional boards have one main page with core words and up to 7 additional pages containing categories like "describe", "actions", "questions", "food" etc. 

aac communication board.png

Traditional Board​ - Small

Designed for users who have fine motor or visual impairment.

The buttons are designed to be big and clear.

aac communication board 2.png

Flip Board

Flip boards have one main page with core words and small tabs on the top of the page.

You can easily flip between the tabs.

flip board

One-Page Board

With 240 words and only one page, this is a powerful vocabulary that you can always take with you.

one page board

Make sure AAC is always available.

If you already use an AAC device, you can use printable communication boards as a substitute when your device is not available.

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