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Our Information and Technology (IT) team is constantly thriving to develop new features, with the help of speech and language pathologists (SLPs), for you to have the best experience possible.


April 2022

Background choices for personalisation

Character personalisation

500+ symbols added in the app

Constant vocabulary updates 

Open links using the buttons

Next word prediction based on user interests

10+ new modeling lessons on our website

Printable Communication Boards

New AAC videos on our website


Coming soon

Integrating a Chat for users to communicate and practice

An online A-Z guide for getting the most out of the app

Introducing more School Subjects as category

"Delete text after play" feature

World actuality matters vocabulary implementation

Email statistics to between therapist and patient

Superheroes costumes for character customization 

See the most used words in different moments of the day


Near future

Spanish Translation

New grid sizes

French Translation

More detailed statistics available

800+ new symbols 

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