How to personalize the vocabulary

Every AAC user is different. Let's personalize the vocabulary before you start using it.

After finishing Lesson 1, we assume you already decided which vocabulary you want to use. Great! Now, this is how you can personalize it:

1. Colors

First of all, you can customize the app colors. It is important to do this in the beginning, because changing the colors after the AAC user starts using the app can be confusing (there are some exceptions when users really enjoy changing background colors from time to time).

Step 1. Click the menu icon

Step 2. Click "Screen settings"

Step 3. Choose which color you want to change

You can skip this step if you enjoy the colors that are already set by us.

In this menu you can also change the text size or edit the space between the buttons. Adding more space between the buttons will make it easier for the AAC user to target specific buttons but at the same time, the buttons will become smaller. You can play with this setting. 

2. Family and friends

Click the "people" folder.

You can add real photos to "mother", "father" and other buttons. 


Step 1. Click the menu icon

Step 2. Click "Edit a button"

Step 3. Click the "mother" button

Step 4. Click the "Change image" button and choose "Photo Library"

Choose from your Photo Library a photo with the user's mother.

You can do this process with more buttons from the "people" folder.

3. School folder

Click the "friends" folder. It is located inside the "People" folder.

You will see that this page is empty. You can edit the buttons to add the AAC user's friends.

Step 1. Click the menu icon

Step 2. Click "Edit a button"

Step 3. Click anywhere on the screen. The new button will be created where you click.

Click here for example

Step 4. Customize the button.

The text that will appear on the button

This is the message that will be said

Add a photo with mike from your "Photo Library"

Choose yellow for the button background (border). Yellow is for people.

This means the iPad will say the message (using voice).

When the user taps the button, it can be transformed into another button. Make sure this feature is turned OFF because we will not use it for this example.

What will happen when the user will tap the button? We suggest navigating back to homepage. 

If you use the Advanced vocabulary, you can do the same process to the "school" folder. It is located inside the "People" folder. Just add people from school.

If you have any questions, you can always ask us using the contact form in the app.