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The benefits of AAC

There are a lot of benefits when it comes to using AAC. The most known are: - it not only benefits the user of it meaning the person with communicating problems, but it is also very helpful for the ones interacting with him - it has a positive impact on language development - it helps individuals integrate into society, creating deep bonds between people such as friendships - it can represent a good and easy platform for specialists and parents to work with children who have communication difficulties - usually, high-tech AAC systems are very adaptable and are easy to personalize for each individual’s needs and preferences - it gives the chance for a more active social life in all fields: family, friendship, professional area - it enhances the quality of life for users both physically and mentally

What people without AAC go through

People who don't use AAC may go through tough experiences such as: - loneliness - social anxiety - the inability to express themselves - frustration and negative emotions because for them it is much more difficult to connect with others and communicate properly - they might be misunderstood a lot of times, unfortunately, and children with complex communication needs are denied opportunities to participate in appropriate general education


Every aspect of the life of individuals who do not use AAC methods might be much more complicated starting from home life, the simple interactions with family members, and continuing with both social and professional fields. It might make people with speech difficulties feel uncomfortable socializing and this can determine them get introverted and isolate. This can only make the situation worse because if individuals are not stimulated to connect with others and try to communicate, they will refuse to do it, and not only their skills will not improve, but it will mean an actual regress.


Because no one wants such results it is way better to use AAC. There are a lot of options for specific communicating needs for each individual.

How does AAC help?

AAC apps have a variety of options for their users. They can only use symbols, words, expressions, or even complex phrases. Using AAC tools makes a difference especially for children, who are much likely expected to improve their communication skills. Such tools are used in different therapies for kids to practice their language interactively. It is also a great strategy to use to make the conversations evolve a lot quicker than without it. Also in urgent situations, when individuals encounter communication deficits, AAC apps ease the process of them getting the help they need. They do not have to struggle anymore to tell people taking care of them what is going on or what they need. Especially being an emergency, time is priceless and AAC helps saving it.


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