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Core Word Activities “NOT” with B Toys Critter Clinic | Fluent AAC ✨

Core Word Activities “NOT” with B Toys Critter Clinic | Fluent AAC ✨

Hello guys! Welcome and today we are playing with the Critter Clinic to find some toys AND using the core word 'NOT' with fluent AAC symbols. ▶️Visit my website: ▶️ Support Mister Clay: 💠 Merch: 💠 Patreon: ▶️ Look for the following symbols: “Hey, Mister Clay, Not, Help, Awesome, Toy, Inside, Animal, Look, Keys, Here, Doors, Open, Block, On, Green, Cat, Dog, Next, Pink, Person, Red, Orange, Pig, 1, 2, 3, Door, Boy, Wow, You, Are, Awesome, Bye” The Critter Clinic from B. toys can keep youngsters occupied for 9 life or 7 dog years! This bright animal hospital comes with six individual rooms and six keys to match. Play a color matching game before treating a cat or puppy with five kid-friendly tools: a stethoscope, mirror, syringe, tweezers, and thermometer. Not to add, owing to the convenient grip on the roof, this vet kit serves as storage and is readily portable! Playing pretend and caring for these plush patients can help children develop empathy and teach them the value of caring. It makes children Future Veterinarian Possible by Enabling and Nurturing It With this veterinary kit for kids, your future veterinarian may practice important linguistic skills as well as a compassionate bedside manner. Help your kid develop empathy, compassion, and kindness by having her favorite animals treated with various veterinarian instruments. Pretend play may assist your kid in processing powerful and deep emotions as well as reducing tension, particularly when it comes to going to the doctor. I attempted to teach the basic word not in this video. Your child's advanced language skills will benefit by talking and listening to their patients. It will enhance your child's overall independence by allowing them to study science via observation, exploration, and experimentation. Playing with this vet set helps youngsters develop fine motor skills and promotes empathy. ▶️ Tips for the video: • Model AAC while you watch (don't worry about keeping up the pace). Pause when you want! • We think EVERYONE should have shows that speak their language. • Engage and talk about the video with your child while you watch. • Talk about the word NOT with items at home. • What other core words do you hear? Let’s watch and enjoy the full video till the end. It will surely help kids with improving core word. Thank you so much and I will see you to the next one. If you like the video, please SUBSCRIBE and don't forget to press the bell 🔔, 👍like, comment and share. Stay safe and Love all. --------------------- ▶️ Please SUBSCRIBE: --------------------- ▶️ Support Mister Clay Here: • Learn With Mochi has AMAZING STEM toys: • Get Your Channel Sponsored: • We LOVE these Montessori Toys: ----------------- ▶️ Listen to this song here OR wherever music is streamed! • Apple Music: • Spotify: • Distokid: ----------------- ▶️ Follow me on: • Facebook: • Instagram: ----------------- ▶️For Business Enquiries: --------------------- ▶️ Other Videos: • I Love Bacon with The SOKS and Mister Cla: • Learn Letter B with Mister Clay: • Picnic Lunch Pretend with Robot: • 10 Ducks in the Bed: ----------------- ▶️"Symbols used are Fluent AAC Symbols. Copyright © 2020 Vademecum SRL All rights reserved. Used with Permission." • For a free 7 day trial: ----------------- ▶️ Copyright © 2021 Mister Clay. All rights reserved --------------------- #corewordactivities #btoyscritterclinic #MisterClay #corevocabularywords #corewordsaac #speechtherapy #languagetherapy #critterclinic #coreword #autism #btoys #mrclay #aac

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